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A dance-drama on the life of Meerabai



Meera is one of the greatest saint poetesses of our country. She enriched an otherwise stark desert with her verse and enlightened millions who sought an ‘alternative’. Her glory lies in her ability to articulate through her poetry the turbulence that transpired in her life – almost in an autobiographical way
Materialism was not what Meera sought. She had found in the image of the Lord; her metaphor for the pursuit of higher edification. She left behind her all the luxuries and comfort befitting a princess. This she achieved by breaking all barriers of tradition and custom. The stone walls caved in, the iron bars of her prison melted away, royal tradition was breached, and emerged from all this, an emancipated Meera — her dancing and singing symbolizing female abandon.

It is because Meera survived the feudal order and patriarchal domination so many years ago that she becomes the focal point for aesthetic interpretation. The challenge in doing a dance-drama based on the life of Meera arose from a wealth of research that opened myriad ideas on the interpretation of the life of this lone crusader.

So, Meera travels on, embracing her liberties and inspiring others. Her songs continue to reach those scarred and humiliated and who grasp from these songs a message of emancipation.

  Shobha Deepak Singh
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