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Woman – born of the fire of consciousness

Durga and Kali are not vehicles of a bygone era but are as pertinent today. One daily reads about the atrocities to women. When the Gods give boons they themselves become victims of these boons and it is then that they invoke SHREE SHAKTI; FEMININE POWER, to vanquish demons in society.Having conquered Mahishasur, Shree Durga is faced with Raktabeej. The Goddess laughs. She loves war and challenges. Kali drinks up the demon's blood who collapses and dies .The Goddess breaks into a dance of victory and is unstoppable until Shiva himself lies down on the path of her dance. She unwittingly puts her foot on Him her intoxication is stemmed.


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Shri Deepak Singh
Director & Vice Chairperson
Shobha Deepak Singh
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